The National Standard for Allied Healthcare Certification



The National Medical Licensing Association (NMLA) is the official certification and licensing body of the National Healthcare Credentialing Institute (NHCI), under the authority Federal Board of Medical Services (FBMS). Responsible for the oversight of medical occupational competency assessment standards, NMLA oversees the development, as well as the implementation of licensure assessment modules, to include: policy, procedure, and development.

NMLA as the National Standard

With a parent organization established and operated in cooperation with the federal government (NHCI), NMLA certifications have helped facilitate increased job security, higher salaries, as well as more plentiful and prestigious job opportunities for over 300,000 medical professionals. Highly recommended by representatives of the U.S. Government, as well as officials of state and local government; NMLA has established viable partnerships with thousands of employers, medical facilities, schools, and other training organizations throughout the United States who trust in and rely upon the integrity of NMLA credentials.

Mandatory Licensure on the Horizon

As the Healthcare industry continues to rapidly expand, the Nation is in need of more and more qualified professionals to fill the positions being created daily. Certification is an excellent way of demonstrating a commitment to patient care and safety. It also demonstrates career dedication and a commitment to excellent performance in the workplace. With mandatory licensure already written into the law of multiple states for specified allied healthcare professions, many other states are expected to enact similar regulatory requirements.

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